About these Wildgrippers 

They are SEA-GREEN with amber walls (the old one's)or black walls , and you also have the black grippers ...

  • Central lugs: aggressive tread blocks for good penetration into the ground; closely spaced for low rolling resistance; offset in an 'S' pattern to decrease the effect of "sticking" to the ground; alternating diamond and square shapes to bite into the ground at a variety of angles.
  • Intermediate lugs: L-shaped for traction in acceleration and braking.
  • Outside lugs: widely spaced for good mud evacuation; multiple edges for constant grip at any angle.
  • Silicium is a natural elastomer modified and reinforced with silica, wich combines low rolling resistance and impressive mud-shedding capability with remarkable durability. Silicium is used in both green and black tread compounds.
  • Strenghts:awesome traction in mud and dry conditions.  Great grip on most surfaces. Lightweight. Excellent climber. Great mud shedding ability also.    Good on fast singletrack. Descent climbing capabilities.

    Weaknesses: weak sidewalls  tends to dry out quickly. watch out for rupture / punctures.


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