The Marzocchi forks from the mid '90's were nice colorfull wannahaves.  

I Used to ride a MAG21 in those days

I had no recollection at all from these forks . Until recently when I saw this old advert I remembered again.

These were the funky looking forks that were not that trustworthy .I cant remember anyone having problems with these forks , but that's what we spoke about in these days. Oil leaking and blown seals.

But they still look da bomb! Compared to my RS Mag wich is not realy looking like an party animal the Marzocchi's are excotic and bright.

Okay now I bought an old  bike for the parts , and the XC600 was on it ....I was suprised by the quality looks of this fork.Indeed it had a blown seal but hé , its more than 15 years old!

I am going to give it a try and rebuild this fork .

A revision set was bought from Marcus aka  DR. Marzocchi

                            CHECK HIS SITE!

The fork was working (it looked like..) when I checked it.
When it was disassembled i found both legs were leaking and the right leg was filled with this Rockshox spring.Now this is a air/oil fork , so this should not be in there..


Cleaning and aplying new seals and O-rings.

Good quality grease and some tinkering with circlips.

Then some Fresh Oil and the air was pumped to the required pressure.


 And It holds air OKAY! Finishing the job by aplying the selfmade decals.

And now it's waiting to be installed on the bike .

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