This is John Tomac on his ATX

I realy like this gear.

Some years ago I bought a frame like this and rebuilding like this was the idea. 

I started with a frame and now its quite finished.

I stil have  to replace a few items for time related parts , but it rides verry well and looks good. 

It started with this 20 inch frame. some damage but not enough for a respray. I touched it up and replaced the worn decal on the LH side with a copy.

My frame is much bigger than the very smal frame from Tomac. But it is my size.(Is John such a small guy?)

It has a Judy fork and Shimano XT parts from mid 90's  . The brakes are some nice orange Magura's . 

The new decal wich I manufactured

This bike runs smooth and is fast!      I love it!    The looks are a bit tarnished and I like that better than the looking better than new  look .

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