Funked !  

 I Love those Schwalbe Baloon tyres and had the strong urge to build something for them.
For some time already I had this idea of building a RetroRacer with a left over frame .
The frame is an old 1991 Univega.
It was treated with special stuff that will look like it's rusted afther activation. Fun stuff! 


After this the choise was : coating or no coating.I choose to coat it with 2K . Then you add  some retro parts. I manufactured the thumbshifter from an Shimano downtube shifter combined with parts from an cheap plastic thumb shifter . 

The 70/80's Spidel derailleur was fitted with the guide wheels for 8 speed instead  of the old 6 speeds .Shimano 600 front cranks and STX brakes together with Paralax/Mavic wheels  .

I mounted the great Roll sadle  and went off for a spin.This is big smile - time!

It's an head turner and fast enough to distress a lot of sports bikers!

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