The ATC is down right amazing!! Using a magnetic front wheel sensor the ATC presents a wide range of options across a three line Liquid Crystal Display. The upper line is 4mm high, the middle, (main) line of the display is 10mm high, and the lower line is 5mm high. All distance readings can be displayed in MPH or KPH. It has a switch selectable auto start function, that begins to read and record all trip functions, (elapsed time, maximum speed, average speed, trip distance) when the wheel starts to move. It will also stop each of the functions temporarily if the wheel stops moving, should you stop to rest and continue where you left off when you start to ride again.

With the auto function set you can accurately measure the time and distance you ride. The ATC has two trip meters, displayed on the lower line, one resettable by the user, the other is a trip distance per day function that is tied to the 24 hour clock to show how far in total, you've ridden in a 0 to 24 hour period. Both trip meters run up to 1000 miles, displayed to the 1/100 mile, then reset. The trip distance per day meter resets automatically each day at 12 midnight using the clock.

Tied to the primary trip meter, with a top line display, is a stopwatch, which runs to 10 hours, by 1 second increments. Also a product of the trip meter and clock functions are Average speed, which is displayed on the top line and Maximum speed which is displayed on the middle line, both displayed to the 1/10th MPH. Your Current speed is a middle line function, displayed to the nearest 1/10th MPH. The ATC has a 24 hour clock that is displayed at the left side of the upper line. The last of the common functions for the ATC is Total Distance or Odometer, which is displayed on the lower line, up to 100,000 miles when it resets automatically to zero.

The ATC has an uncommon and highly useful function, certainly more important than say, an altimeter. The ATC has a multi function 10 stage memory to record the trip distance, elapsed time, and split average speed for up to ten separate legs, or splits on a ride. Because this function is unique to this computer, and so fundamental in personal training, it's worth discussing in detail. Let's assume that you're riding in a local State park each day, and you've found the course you use each day can logically be broken up into 4 stages, flat ground, hill climbing, descent, and flat ground again. The point that you begin the entire ride we will call point A, when you depart point A you press the Start button on the ATC, which starts the tripmeter and stopwatch simultaneously.

After you reach the end of the flat ground portion of the ride, at a chosen and the same point each ride, you press the "MEMO" button on the right side of the case, at that instant, the ATC saves in separate memory, the stop-watched time it took you to get between A & B, also the distance between A & B, and your average speed between A & B. Now, you proceed on to point "C", when you get there you press the "MEMO" button again, at this point it records for display and review later, the elapsed time it took you to get from point A to Point C, the distance from point A to point C, and your Average speed from point B to point C. When you finally reach point E, which is the end of the second flat ride, you press the Start button again, and it saves your last ride segment, you can now step through each of your "splits" and review your performance through a special display the ATC has. One of these Memo splits can even be a break from riding, where it will recall that haven't moved an inch from the previous point, had a 0 average speed, but the passed time represents the time you rested.

The ATC uses a 36" long wire to a front-mounted, single magnet, wheel sensor, with a mounting brackets that fit up to a 1" diameter fork blade. The Cateye ATC's instruction manual is printed English, French, German, Dutch, and Italian. The ATC uses one CR 2032, 3 volt Lithium battery. The ATC can be quick programmed for wheel sizes up to 28" wheels, and has a quick release handlebar mount, so the computer head can be taken with you to prevent theft. It's durable, waterproof, has an easy to read display. With all necessary hardware it weighs only 97 grams!!! The battery will generally last 3 years. Made in Japan, Black. The ATC supply is exhausted and it is no longer made. 

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